side hinged garage doors

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CS Garage Doors in Leeds selects side hinged garage doors from established manufacturer Teckentrup, who integrate the highest standards of design, security and reliability.

Benefits of Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side Hinged doors offer a fantastic alternative to more common garage door types, providing opportunities that other door types simply cannot. The simple operation is easy to maintain to over the years, and timeless designs ensure that a Side Hinged door will provide years of worry-free service.

An increase in demand for Side Hinged doors has prompted manufacturers to provide a wider range of designs, materials, and finishes,allowing you to find the perfect Side Hinged Door for you.

Materials and Styles

Side Hinged doors are available in Steel and Timber. Adapted bifold aluminium systems are also available from some manufacturers.

Wood: Doors can be customized to match existing designs or to give a bold look. Various wood options complement the available choices based on the standard design choices. Wood options include Cedar, Idigbo, Akoya, and Oak, creating a modern or traditional feel to your choice.

Steel: A wide range of modern and stylish designs are available, with a variety of front finishing effects and glazing options for double-skin doors. Double-skin steel doors are the ultimate choice for security requirements, with a variety of security upgrades and official security rated doors available.

Purpose doors can be made up to approximately 10 feet x 8feet, but beyond these dimensions will require heavier hinges to support the extra weight.


Garage doors with side hinges are available with 50/50pitches, or 1/3 to 2/3 aperture ratios. The latter option is a great solution for garages that need frequent foot access. Great for cyclists and storage access.


Steel side hinged garage doors are usually manufactured in standard size, while wood doors are usually custom made and can be manufactured to the exact specifications. If the opening is constructed of uncut stonework, a scribed timber sub frame will neatly fit with the existing construction.  

Side Hinged doors also provide a fantastic solution to garages with limited headroom dimensions,as the doors open horizontally. These doors are also suited to garages that are fitted with internal shelving, or feature obstructions like pipework and gas meters. Since the doors do not require tracks or panels that protrude into the garage, the required maintenance for these doors is low. The lack of lifting gears means there is significantly fewer moving parts than other garage door types. There are no springs, cables or gears for repairs or replacements.

The dimensions of the  drive-through are also maximized in both width and height (assuming the door can be opened 90 °or more). Side swing gates are also a great solution for garages with limited length and width dimensions, as the gate opens outwards by default. It can also be externally mounted using several surrounds and covers to prevent water ingress. If this is especially important, external mounting provides maximum drive-through dimensions.



Teckentrup was founded in Germany in 1932 and is now one of the largest garage door manufacturers in Europe. Carteck Sectional Garage Doors, developed by Teckentrup, incorporate innovative safety solutions and intelligent drive systems for strength, security and reliability.

Teckentrup side hinged garage doors and personnel doors are quite simply the very best. The solid panels, engineered hollow section aluminium frames and high grade fittings result in a door that closes with a reassuringly deep “clunk”.

Security is excellent and the range of styles, finishes and windows allows personalisation to suit your tastes. 1/2 and 1/2 opening and asymmetric configurations further increase versatility.